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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Painting: Echo

Echo (Apple and Nautilus at a Window), 8" x 10", oil and 12k white gold leaf on panel
My new painting Echo will soon be on its way to Haynes Galleries for the small works show!  The idea for this painting began when I glanced over at my table full of potential still life objects and one accidental arrangement caught my eye:  a ripe red apple reflecting pink in the neighboring pearly nautilus shell, surrounded by the suble lavender hue of my studio walls. I loved the combination of delicate pastel colors with the vibrant candy-apple red of the fruit, and set up a still life with the shell and apple sitting on a windowsill.  I decided to frame the composition within an elliptical arch gilded in white-gold leaf, to echo the curves and shimmer of the nautilus.

Study for Echo, 3" x 4", oil and white gold on canvas paper
The poster study for Echo is now in my online shop of mini studies.